Goin to Crane's on Thursday Night

Crane's Tavern in Hollywood represents all of the things I love about this city, and none of the things i hate. It's hidden off of El Centro just south of Hollywood. It attracts the minimum number of bar flys, and mainly people interested in good music, which is great for folks like myself and other bands. I'm hoping to play there soon.


In the meantime, come join myself and some friends for a friend's band, Roughed up Folk, on Thursday night. There's no cover and it's $1 Budweiser's until the keg is tapped.

Roughed Up Folk

Was this the suckiest movie ever?

The guy who wrote the movie seems to think it was...

Read about it here



Finally, a watering hole

I've spent the better part of the last 5 years in LA looking for a watering hole that i can go any night of the week and have a good time. I no longer need to look.

One Monday night I was working at the Spa, and my friend Justin was working at Wintech and he informed me that I had a paycheck that he needed to get to me. He offered to buy me a drink and so i did a random search for a bar in Studio City, about halfway between where i was and where he was. there was Maeve's:


We decided to give the place a shot. From the street it looks terrible. It's sandwiched in the back corner in a mini mall that has seen better days. I'm sure that it also frequently gets overlooked because The Fox and Hounds is next door and resides on the actual street, where it's highly visible.

Regardless, I went in and was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the place quaint and low key, but it was CHEAP. All day Happy hour on Mondays, and most beers were only $5 on top of that.


If you find the time, come join us there on a random night of the week. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


new phone!

Last week we had our BRAND NEW Mac Desktop just fizzle and die on us. One minute it was up and running, the next it wouldn't turn on. Let me tell you, there is NOTHING that can frustrate me more (except rudeness) than technology NOT working. SO we lugged the frickin thing to the Galleria in Glendale, instead of the grove because parking is free and it takes the same amount of time to get there. And the guy says, "Whoa, that's weird." According to him, every one out of a million Macs has a capacitor fry, and ours just happened to be that one. YAY!!

You may think, "Well Jon, you had only had it for a couple of weeks, what's the big deal?"

The Big deal is that I lost hours of work that I put toward my music and Voice Over Demos as well as my Wife's Acting Reel. Hours that we somehow need to find again. Ugh!


Anywho, so while we were there I decided to walk down to Verizon and see about upgrading our Yesteryear phones to Droids. After standing there like an idiot for about 5 minutes, i realized i had to "Check -In," which i think is stupid and lazy Customer service. "Instead of me asking you if I can help you, I'm gonna have you Check-in like your flying to Des "fucking" Moines for the weekend and THEN you can walk up to me and complain about our company."

So when I finally got to talk to a guy, i asked him how much it would cost for me to upgrade my phone to a Droid. He tells me, that even though I've been a customer for 'x' amount of years, I'd still have to pay full price, which is $570!!

Are you kidding me! I could buy a fucking netbook, download Skype for free and talk on that for $300!!

Then I asked him how much it would cost to just cancel our contracts. Without batting an eye or trying to sell me on staying, he says $225 for both lines. No haggling, trying to sweeten the deal and make me stay. Nope. Nothing.


We cancelled our account and bought iPhones


And we couldn't be happier.

Well, we could, but that's sort of obvious. Isn't it?


Foiled Again!

It's 7:32am, and that's about 15 minutes after I showed up here at work. I left with plenty of time to be here by 6:45a, but made it two blocks before I was halted by the sprawling LA Marathon. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that people do this, and do it for good causes, but it hadn't even started yet and the police officers wouldn't let me cross one street...ONE Street!! which would have made my trip shorter by 20 miles. Luckily it's Sunday morning and there wasn't a lot of traffic, but I was still 15 minutes late to work. Check this out:


So yeah, you could call it a detour. I showed up 25 minutes later than I should have, thank YOU LA Marathon.


It's Business Time

I've basically been on the job hunt for over a year now. While I'm working two part time jobs, neither one is enough to keep me from looking for something better. And since last year, was in fact, the worst year I've EVER had, I'm still hopeful that this year will bring a steady enough job that I can stop looking.

In the mean time, I'm going to try and have a more positive outlook on things. Even when things are shitty, I'm beginning to find that most of the time, it's more important to be hopeful and happy, than realistic and cynical. I recently read a great article in Men's Health Magazine that was fairly eye opening. It's by Mike Zimmerman and you can find it here. While I don't agree with every point in the article, I do agree that myself and the majority of my friends have become TOO cynical, and we need a reboot.

Here's to 2010 not sucking!


Geek Out

One of my new favorite websites to spend time at while I should be working is Motherboard.

After having a conversation with my friend Justin last night, I felt compelled to post one of the most interesting and to me overlooked news stories of this year. It's called the Boom Box, and it's created by Bloom Energy. It basically revolutionizes the entire energy industry in my opinion, and once it becomes cheap enough to mass produce, it will revolutionize your home. See the post here.